Autumn Westin

Updated Bio 2016:

Autumn Westin was awesome.  Super open-minded girl, flirty and gave you the impression you could fuck her (not that she would) but definitely made you feel comfortable.

She had the kind of natural breasts that we don't always see bred in the United States. Sorry ladies, I don't know why but The eastern bloc European countries (Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine etc) just seem to produce some fantastic breasts. Hers were phenomenal.

I believe she mentions in her audition video that she had previously done some "private collection" shoots for photographers and that she didn't mind  if photographers whipped out their cocks and jacked off. Gotta love that! Something I failed to do  - but now regret. Ha!

Original Bio:

Big. Huge. Gigantic. Natural. Boobs. And the rest of her is cute too!