Jayme Langford

Updated Bio 2016:

Jayme is one of the only models that I've remained actual friends with to this day.
She is completely out of her fucking mind but wicked smart.

When I first met Jayme I thought she was physically the most awesome nubile looking girl I'd ever seen. As I've mentioned elsewhere, sometimes this job is a little like being a gynecologist: Up close and personal with a lot of vaginas -  Jayme's looked sleek and small.

On her first visits to L.A from Maine she was very quiet and seemingly shy. However as time went on I came to find out there was a very complicated person brewing behind those sparse words.  She and her friend from Maine ended up living at my house for a couple years. A few years later , before I left L.A. I ended up renting a room in her house for 6 months. Living in the same house with Jayme was always an adventure.

When I say she's out of her mind, I mean it in the most admirable way possible. She doesn't call herself: "Jayme Mother Fucking Langford" for nothing.  Jayme has absolutely no fear. She will try anything and I think has tried everything?

All these adult industry women  (and now every typical girl using Social Media) get offers of gifts and money - it's the nature of the world.  One time someone emailed me offering Jayme $10,000 if she would go to Saudi Arabia and get rough-fucked and gang-banged by a bunch of old Sharia Law misogynists. She asked me: "Do you think I should do it?" I said: "Fuck are you out of your goddamn mind? You may never come back alive!" She laughed but said very matter-of-factly: "Yeah but for ten grand I might let a bunch of fat old guys beat the crap of me" (She was kidding I THINK?  haha)

She's partied with and dated rock stars, did a bunch of drugs, started her own band and it goes on. I'm sure she has way more stories than me.

Jayme is sorta like a UFC fighter stuck inside the body of a super cute Russian teen female body. It's just totally confusing.  I've never tried to figure her out. I just nod my head and say "Oh yes, that's very interesting".

Now shes studying to be a Doctor.

Original Bio:

This 19 year old is "Oh My God" CUTE. My new favorite girl. Jayme epitomizes CUTE, PERIOD. The ultimate Student Next Door. I also have to tell you this straight off the top. She has THE BEST PUSSY I think I've even witnessed. ..read full entry in my photo journal