Roxanne I met on the Internet.

She is from Ohio and came out to L.A. to shoot with some photographers.
She actually didn't have any days open to shoot with me, but then
some photographer canceled on her (actually he didn't cancel, he just
DISAPPEARED from the face of the earth). So she called me the same
day as Megan and said, "can
I come down today?" I shot both girls the same day.

Roxanne is very funny girl who used to be a stripper. She's only 21
but has been stripping since she was 17. I asked her, "how did you
do that? Did you have a fake ID?" She replied,"Are you kidding? I
didn't need one. If you saw THESE TITS on a 17 year old would YOU
care?" Ha ha... She had a point.

Anyways, Roxanne is a girl that has SEEN A LOT in her short years
and is very street wise. She also has almost an old GUY's sense of
humor. This seems common from girls who have been stripping for a
long time. They're just around SO MANY MEN that are looking at girls
as sex objects that they eventually start THINKING the same way.

I enjoyed shooting with her very much. She danced to some music for
me. And she can for sure DANCE.

Hope you like her.


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