Updated Bio 2016:
One of my all-time faves
She ranks super high on the teen nubile scale. I remember I was at one of the early AVN shows and I was  introduced to porn legend Joey Silvera. He just started going off about my site and how hot he thought Savannah was. She was totally cool - absolute loyal girlfriend type. Another in the "What the hell is she doing in this business?" department. I think we were totally lucky to have her because I don't think she did much nude work, if any after this.

Original Bio:

Ouch. Firm tits and ass alert. You could just set your entire lunch on
top of her tits. Savannah is 18 and has the body to prove it :)

At the risk of repeating myself and incurring a rash of criticism:
Women's bodies go downhill after High School. I'm sorry, that's the
reality. I was reading how a woman's body is the most able to bear
children between the ages of 16 and 21 (or something like that...I don't
remember exactly)...but I just remember thinking that God makes the
female body ready to rock at 16 years old but OFF LIMITS :) Yes, of
course there are women at 21, 25 and older with amazing bodies (some
even on this site)..but their bods are DIFFERENT than the bod of an 18
year old. The body CHANGES and becomes more MATURE as each year goes
on. Please don't misunderstand me: I'm not advocating sex or photos of
girls under 18. It's just that their bodies are PHYSICALLY READY.



This was one of Savannah's first shoots. To be perfectly honest about
the situation. I've been trying to shoot her again but she may be
unobtainable for a couple of reasons. One being that I'm not sure she is
100% comfortable with doing this stuff. Two, she is sort of attached at
the hip to an "agent" and I'm not sure what the deal is with him other
than he seems to be over-controlling the situation which makes it
difficult to just SET UP A SHOOT.

- Matt