Faye Reagan

Updated Bio 2016:

Faye was like a Peacock, flashy and colorful. She also had cute freckles and the most ridiculously hot boobies with plushy nipples. As I've said before it seems that nature designed some nipples to aesthetically attract the male of our species to suck on them. Ha!

In this business sometimes you connect with certain girls and sometimes you don't. Faye was one that I did not. She even stayed at my house for a time but it wasn't that we didn't like each other  - she just kept me at a professional distance which is completely understandable. However I think because of that I really never got to know her at all.

If you haven't read my story about her on my blog site please check that out:


Original Bio:

Faye is a sweet and FRESH 18 year old from Southern California. She broke the 18 year mark and decided to be a pornstar. No complaints here, Faye came to party! This is her first week on the job but I'm sure you're gonna see her soon in every hardcore bang video on the shelf. Fame ain't easy! Oh and that reminds me, go buy my new DVD. Matt's Models DVD by Vivid. Its a hot one!