From these photos, how old do you think this girl is? Seriously.
I would
be interested in what you all think.

When I get some honest guesses I will publish her age.
Hayley is from Texas, has that cute Texas accent and is ex Military. She
recently went through some personal life changes and wanted to break out
into something new and different - nude modeling.

She was shot by me and a few cohorts. Other than that, ZIPPO photo work.

Hayley is a pleasure to be around. I invited Hayley and her manager to have
dinner, but they were to strapped for time. She wants to know all about
this nude modeling business and possibly get into some TV/movie acting.

She has a really cute natural smile - her whole face lights up. She came
into LA for a few days and left, so I don't know what's going on with
her. I'll have to do a follow up.

- Matt

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