What can I say?

I'd seen her around. Someone was telling me I should shoot her. I kept
saying "no". I don't know why I didn't want to shoot her. I think
because I had seen her on one of my friendly competitors sites. She's
also done some magazine work already. I HATE being the last photographer
on a model's itinerary! (what am I? The Rodney "I can't get no respect "
Dangerfield of photographers?)
JUST kidding.

Jade is centerfold material - no doubt. However, for my tastes she could
put on a couple pounds. No matter what you think of her looks - I think
everyone would agree that she PERSONIFIES NASTY! From this series of
photos and what I could surmise from her personality I think she would
have no problem burning your ass down in every possible fuck position,
in every inch of the house using every orifice of her body for 24 hours

Am I clear about that?

- Matt :)

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