Sabina Rouge

20-year-old Sabina. I can’t say enough good things about her. Funny she was about an hour late to the shoot because she got lost, while in an Uber. Lol Once she arrived she was just a really interesting, cool tomboy type of girl. Body is frankly, off the hook. Very flawless features. She has “gum drop” nipples, which any guy I’m sure would love to nibble on however that’s probably not going to happen since she told me she is 100% gay. OUCH! That hurts! I’ll just say -  in my own experience with these girls through the years  - is they are young enough that when they say they are gay, it’s possible that that very night they could go out partying and end up with a dude. I’ve seen it happen.

I think it has something to do with one’s decision-making between the ages of 18-25. Not to discount her own sexual preference - I'm just leaving the possibility of her being with a man at some point? Wishful thinking? lol I’d like to shoot her again -  she really is a beautiful girl. She liked my photos of her so much  - she used one for her Twitter profile pic! Proud I am. If you would like to talk to Sabina LIVE on video chat - she keeps a regular schedule on Chaturbate